Smarter law.

Legal advice that matches your
commercial goals, every time.

Uncommercial advice is costly and frustrating

...and law firms have no incentive to change

  • Producing advice on a matter that just quotes the law
  • Starting work without understanding the required details of the matter or company
  • Surprise bills for work you didn't ask for
  • Allocating an inappropriate level of experience for a given piece of work (over or under)
  • Not caring to innovate on how work can be done better
  • Advice that takes a view based on relevant experience and commercial understanding
  • Defining the requirements of the matter better before work takes place
  • Fixed and transparent fees
  • Having project managers do logistics and lawyers deliver key advice
  • Using tried and tested methods from other disciplines to improve quality, efficiency and speed

In-depth discovery

A consultative approach to understand what you really need

Proactive planning

We help you look ahead and plan proactively, so you have the best legal support ready when you need it.

Scoping your need

We understand each matter in detail, so you get the right advice the first time.

Your company profile

Stop repeating yourself every time you work with a new lawyer. We provide our lawyers with an in-depth understanding of your business, team, and how you like to work.

Understanding your ideal deliverable

We work with you to define the ideal output, whether that's a bullet pointed summary, a tailored matrix, or an interactive overview page.

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Managed projects

Cross border or multi-lawyer projects, with a Lexoo expert project manager

Single engagement

Seamless engagement with Lexoo rather than multiple counsel

One point of contact

Dedicated project manager to fight your corner and assure quality

Tailored deliverable

Deliverable that is exactly what you need and easily shareable

Full visibility of status

Password protected project page that reflects real-time status

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Recurring work

Flexible, ongoing support for in-house teams

Flexible support

Extension of your legal team, as and when you need it

Streamline workflows

We design engagements, comms, and delivery processes around what works for your team and the tools you use

Predictable costs

Whether fixed-fees per item, costs bundled by contract volume, or a monthly retainer, our pricing works for your legal budget

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One-off matters

E.g. Loan agreements, regulatory advice, commercial litigation

The right expertise, globally

We identify the most suitable lawyer for your need, in any jurisdiction

Understanding what's important

We understand the commercial context, ideal deliverable, budget, and timeline to ensure our lawyers deliver in line with your expectations

Administrative support

KYC requests, terms and payments...we're here to help with it all

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Continual improvement

We always ask what could have been better

We speak to you after every matter to understand what could have gone better. If we find a weak spot in the delivery, we adjust our processes to make sure it can't happen again.

At Babylon, we’re always looking to work with legal advisors who share our approach and values, and Lexoo fits the bill perfectly. They have proved to be an invaluable resource to my busy legal team, allowing us to achieve our business priorities much more efficiently.

Henry Bennett

General Counsel

Lexoo's impressive service allows our team to quickly find and work with quality lawyers in foreign jurisdictions without having to rely on international firms and their associated costs. Highly recommended.

Sam Ross

General Counsel

I can’t say enough how happy I am with the result of this project. I never would have been able to get this done within the timelines I had, without Lexoo. I am really grateful for their hard work and team work.

Serena Satheesen

Senior Legal Consultant

Using Lexoo has been a seamless and stress-free experience and helped us at a point of increased demand without added complexity or difficulty.

Martin Boyle

Senior Legal Counsel

The team at Lexoo have taken time to get to know our business and our unique requirements. This knowledge has helped them to source the most suitable, pragmatic and experienced advisors for each job, saving us time and money compared to more traditional options.

Natasha Maddock

Deputy General Counsel

Lexoo is a great way to source and engage quality lawyers, worldwide. We have used Lexoo for a variety
of work, from getting quotes for one-off pieces of advice to helping us take on larger projects.

Katherine Chandler

COO & General Counsel

I’ve always felt that a model like Lexoo’s should work in legal. Lexoo enables us to connect with smart, effective lawyers that we wouldn’t have been connected to before, and that absolutely helps our team achieve what we want to achieve.

Andrew Magowan

General Counsel